Hello there finest reader!

I’m Henrik Giang, used to be an in-house artist at Dead Shark Triplepunch, which won Make Something Unreal 2013 and Swedish Game Awards GOTY 2013 with its title Epigenesis!

I’ve played games as long as I can remember. My first game I ever recall playing is that SNES fighting game Double Dragon V: Shadow Falls. But then I found Secret of Mana and Harvest Moon and I was hooked forever. Now I wish to work with games as it’s been most of my life.

Most of my time sinks into painting, illustrating and designing. I like bringing non-visually represented ideas into realization. Like concepting game elements and designing scenes!

Besides painting and illustrating, I do like to look at HUD/GUI and effects. (oooh, pretty lines and lights!)

Outside of creative work or games, I do Longbow Archery and have recently picked up miniatures painting.

Got a question? Shoot me a mail!