Production/Concept Art


In the age of space travel and huge space ships, what kind of alternate weapons and projectiles would exist?


(Cancelled DS3P Project)

SPECTRAL was to be an atmospheric Space Exploration game about a lone survivor escaping spectral creatures on shattered stations across Mars.

The player was to have a small spacecraft to transport inbetween stations.




Epigenesis is a fast-paced arena ball-sports shooter where opposing teams fight for biome domination. The players score goals to recieve seeds which once planted, instantly grows to become modified super plants. These plants affect the game, making players stronger and faster as well as affect the game with their own respective special abilities.

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Concept/Production Art

Mortar Plant

One of 6 Epigenesis plants. This artillery gun plant was to shoot sticky goo that prevented players from jumping. The idea of this design is that it drains sticky material from the ground and squeezes to shoot. Early designs had an organism to steer the blob onto enemy players. This was dropped in favor of a non-homing blob.


One-use ability spawn plate

In Epigenesis, players can pick up one-shot abilities spawned on fixed positions in the maps. These plates needed to be discreet and fit in with the aesthetics of the Arena. Sheet also shows particles to keep the power-up objects floating.

Pickup Spawn Plate